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Turkey offers more in the way of historical sites, beautiful resorts, a fantastic cultural mix, great food, great shopping, friendly people, and varied scenic wonders than any other country in the world. It also offers one of the greatest possible vacation returns for your invested travel dollar.


Highlights include:

Istanbul: Full day of sightseeing in Istanbul, includes visits to the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, the Hippodrome, St Sophia, the Underground Cistern, and the Covered Bazaar. Visit the Egyptian Spice Market and the Soleymaniye Mosque. Or maybe a boat ride around the Bosphorus.

Ankara: Depart from Istanbul via the suspension bridge through the countryside to Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Half-day sightseeing excursion in Ankara. Visit the museum of Anatolian Civilization (goes back 10,000 years!) and the Hittite relics.

Cappadocia: Stay in a Cappadocia Cave-type hotel. This will be a unique experience you should enjoy! It sits within an eerie, surrealistic landscape of rock pinnacles, ravines, and rock-carved dwellings. Caves in the region were used as shelters and still contain marvelous frescoes. Visit the Gorme and Zelve Valleys with their fairy chimneys, rock-carved churches with frescoes, and underground cities for 20,000 people.

Antalya: The old historic little port area of Antalya is lined with cobblestone streets, surrounded by old classic buildings in a beautiful setting and filled with shops and restaurants.

Pamukkale: Drive inland to Pamukkale, which means “cotton castle” in Turkish. The cliffs are one of the wonders of nature. They are covered by calcium oxides, which formed the travertine we see and enjoy today. This was an R&R center for the Roman troops back in those days. The little village is fun to explore and shop in.

Kusadasi: Drive to the ancient Roman site of Aphrodisia (Cleopatra was here) for a tour, followed by lunch, and then on to the large port city of Kusadasi. The famous Roman site of Ephesus is located nearby. Ephesus was the second-largest Roman city outside of Rome (350,000 people).

Canakkale: Proceed over some lovely mountains to the ancient site of Troy—land of Homer’s “Iliad” and “Odyssey,” the legendary Trojan Horse, Helen of Troy, etc. After a visit to this famous site, proceed to Canakkale along the Straits where you can stand in Asia and look across to the Europe side of Turkey.

Then back to Istanbul. Take the ferry across the straits to visit the famous World War I battle area called Gallipoli. Then back to Istanbul for the end of a fantastic trip!



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